A brief Summary

"In every Hero's life, there comes a time. There comes a time where their life experiences, memories, and even their judgement will be all that stands between salvation, and destruction. The last heroes, they failed. I plan to make sure that doesn't happen again..." ~ ██████

The Land of Auvintheld has a long and rich history. The land has gone from a peaceful halfling farming community, soon after it became a war torn land under control by a power hungry emporer. Setting the stage for the great "invasion" and the fall of the racial empires. The invasion was nearly prevented by "the four heroes" who ultimately failed in their mission, dooming the world to an age of darkness. While most of the heroes have vanished into the pages of History. One of them unleashed a black terror, who still patrols the skies to this very day, in search of the heroes lineage. To finish payback for being awoken form its eternal slumber.

Now the world goes on monotonously, to most. But to those with a keen eye, it is clear that the peace is on the brink. The kings and queens of provinces are beginning to ally together, and many are preparing for war against other provinces. One man, named ██████ has worked diligantly to prevent war between provinces. by having his "allies" work on murdering people who advocate war. and weakening the strongest Alliance between the Heartland, Halfling union, Shattered, and Taticus provinces. They call themselves the Gilded alliance. Ran by Apati, a man born in the Shattered who was able to untie the leaders of the provinces to support him. As emporer.

█████ is an old friend of a man known as Brunswick. Little is known about either Brunswick or ██████. While Brunswick is well known around Eodan he usually stays out of the public eye. His invasion on a town along the Halfling/ Heartland border was very unexpected indeed. While ██████'s face has never been seen and many believe he is just a myth. In many places ██████ is referred to as the "Harbinger"

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